Comeback, farewells, new people

Coming back to write, it’s been a while. Well,  April is gone , fortunately, it wasn’t a "Beautiful April" like in Fito Paez’s song. Many things around now in May, my project ongoing, the Technicians are good and we haven’t run in many trouble, still on schedule. Some delays for other causes the resources were deviated to reinforce the houses’ "passive security". Persons that come and go, some that  return, as always then farewell party and picture’s collection, gift preparation. This time the before-last inhabitant of the house where I arrived is going, 15 months mission (shortened from 18), now I feel less accompanied. Most of the "original ones" who where here when I arrived are gone. In june another one is probably going, on the good side time seems to go fast. For my relax the volleyball continues, some time invested in putting together new playlists for the music during the game. I haven’t written but I have published new pictures of nice sunsets and of of life around Juba, these days the traffic is really heavier than before. A new person will come tomorrow also to join the team. Two other technicians also coming from Khartoum (maybe now is a little be more relaxed here than there with the last clashes).

Anyway, to say goodbye to people that were good company is sad, we keep the idea of meeting them again. Also we have to give the best welcoming to the new ones, is not ease to land here, at least for me it was like that.

Where to in the next mission?  Who knows.

May is plenty of anniversaries and celebrations, I remember the lot of persons in Colombia who were born in May, and now some here also.

Ok, everything continues….

To the next one…

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