From 25 to 50

Arrived in Khartoum on Monday, 50°C, sunny and dry. Juba was rainy at 25°C or something. Visited the offices, I’ve met with the IT colleagues, there’s another Alfredo (recently arrived from Geneva) among them. So now we are two Alfredos, IT engineers, working for ICRC in Sudan, can create confusion, now people need more details to identify the right one.
Then I’ve had food in "Solitaire", one of nicest "fast food" restos in KRT, good as always, had a good "submarine" and one hour after I was having barbequeue at my boss’ place, I think I ate too much, because of that I couldn’t sleep very well and then at about 3 am, it started to rain with strong wind and sand. It remembered me of the video of one of latest "haboubs" in Khartoum. Because of the storm the electricity went off, and our generator was not providing energy.

Well, the good thing is that the hotel next to this residence has its WiFi network open, as I’m staying at the top floor next to the terrace, I could use it even from the bed. The bad thing is that no-electricity no water-pumping, I hardly had a shower and then to work. It was "census" day in Sudan, almost nobody on the streets, only us at the office for my meeting. Strange day. The day stayed overcasted up to the afternoon, then it cleared and the sun and the heat installed themselves again.

While in KRT it’s nice, my boss and colleagues here are very welcoming, in the afternoon we always can meet and have appetizers and nice food at home. Oherwise is also good to go and try to do shopping (morepossibilities than in Juba) or try to go to the swimming pool or find some place to do sport.

Today just working, Census day is over so the shops must be open tonight. I like KRT, shops open late and close late (around 11 pm or midnight) for the same reason.

These days we ‘ll work a lot here with the "migration" project, I’ve called my colleagues back in Juba, things go well.

These time I’ll try to do pictures in KRT, (i have my photo permit) to publish some.



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