Too high?

Another week and another weekend finished. The works are under progress , the technicians are doing well, they are more or less "at home" in Juba also. Besides that a little bit of stress with the security around. Didn’t have time to visit the market  , want to buy another straw mat for the room. Otherwise, sporty WE, I ran on saturday and today ( i did longer distance) and in the afternoon volley. After saturday I decided to re-compose the court’s net ‘cause i t was too low. Also the audio cable for the music broke. Today then I ran, put some pictures around the walls, ate and then started to work on both things,I’ve  cut one finger, nothing serious. With some help I manage to put the net real straight and I think at the correct height. Was funny when the players came (very rare, no girls showed up today), all surprised and kind of disappointed because it was "too high". My only intention was to make it like a real court, everybody was smashing even without jumping before. At the end apparently they realized it’s better. The audio gave me problems, but at the end it sounds.

Yesterday night was "fondue", it’s impressive how being that far from home people manage to have their original products from home and have their original recipes. I have enjoyed more "fondues" and "raclettes" here in the heart of Africa during these 8 months, than when I lived in France for 15.

Anyway, as long as nobody is creating harm, why not try to enjoy and profit from the opportunity to have those small personal satisfactions that make life enjoyable?

next report from Khartoum, inshallah


Tomorrow trip to Khartoum.

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