Maybe the title is misleading.

Was missing the updating habit. Next week I’ll try to manage ‘cause going to Khartoum.Yesterday it was 17th april, in fact two years ago I made a move from Civil Aviation to a stock market company ,looking for change of job and environment but "it wasn’t my trick". And one year ago also at the same dateI had one mail interchange with another IT engineer at ICRC, after which I had a personal interview when I decided "yes, I want to do this" , and I focused to move to new ICRC life, where I am now, experiencing the changes I somehow wanted to have. So 17th april it’s not a simple since.

My project here keeps going , Technicians are here working nicely, some minor glitches with tools and supplies but everything "tamman" (ok), gladly surprised by the agility of the construction team in fixing the civil works, yesterday they casted the concrete slab for the tower.

One of the Radio Ops from my team graduated today from his computer course sponsored by Jica. He invited me to the ceremony, and I’m glad I was able to go, he looked happy of his achievement, and all the other participants were also. Every time one of them was  going to th front desk to get their diplomas I could see the smile in their faces, accompanied by this Sudanese way of cheering , by the women, with special sounds like singing from the throat.

I’m putting some pictures on this.

Well there are some other not so nice surprises around in Juba about security, we have to be more careful now.

Have to go now, try to stop working late, these days I need to work late but at the same time some other things to do.

Enjoy…… and try to make it last

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